Tamarind Nairobi Bar


Made famous at the Carnivore
Vodka, fresh lime juice sugar, honey and ice cubes

Rum, sugar cane and lime juice with fresh mint, Ernest Hemmingways favourite!

On the rocks...or frozen - Fruit flavour of the week
tequilla, triple sec and fresh lime juice

Rum Coladas
Pineapple, passion or banana and ice

Bloody Mary
Vodka, tomato juice, lime juice, spices, and ice

Crocodile in the sky
Vodka, orange liqueur, passion juice, lime juice, and ice

Strawberry daiquiri

navy rum, lime juice, sugar, syrup, fresh strawberries, and ice

Tequila sunrise
Tequila, orange juice and grenadine

Fred fudpucker
(cousin to Harvey wallbanger)
Tequila, galiano, and resh orange juice

Electric blue
Gin, vodka, Kenya cane, blue curacao, sprite and ice

Traditional with gin - Vodkatini...with vodka
Of course...shaken, not stirred

White Wine
1 /4 ltr carafe
1 /2 ltr carafe

Red Wine
1 /4 ltr carafe
1 /2 ltr carafe