Tamarind Mombasa Menu

Tuna sashimi
Traditionally cut and served in a rosette; or a more spicy version, complemented with mildly spiced Japanese eggplant

Mangrove oysters Platter or Platter
Kenyan oysters grow wild and are small but very tasty
Fresh on ice ................................. fresh brown bread, limes, Tabasco and black pepper
Mambrui....................................... grilled with soy sauce, garlic butter and coconut
Piri piri........................................... grilled with chillies, paprika, garlic butter, lime juice
Italienne........................................ grilled with garlic butter and breadcrumbs
The Sultan’s oyster platter......... a selection of five each of all our oysters

Tobiko crab
Gratinated crab meat in a light creamy sauce topped with crunchy tobiko (flying fish roe) and served on a
sheet of nori (seaweed)

Tandoori crab cakes
Indian spiced fresh crab cakes with a tamarind mayonnaise and raita salad

Crab and avocado fiesta
Chunky guacamole layered with fresh crab mayonnaise served with a gazpacho sauce

Siamese prawns
Grilled prawns, mushrooms and snow peas flavoured with lemon grass, chilli and lime

Spanish fried octopus
Tender crispy slices of octopus and garlic with sliced potato, paprika and fresh coriander

Hibiscus flamed seafood
Lightly flamed tuna, calamari, prawns and octopus served with rhubarb, sugar syrup, hibiscus dressing and pine nut kernels

Famous Tamarind crab claws
Bread-crumbed, deep-fried and served with tartare, sweet chilli and guacamole sauces

Calamari maridadi
Succulent grilled calamari with olive oil served with mixed green leaves and red sweet pepper salsa

Pâté Liègeois
A delicious creamy chicken liver pâté served with Cumberland sauce

Aromatic tomato
Slowly baked tomato in red wine and spices, set on a crunchy salad, with avocado and cocoa mousse, beetroot and
caramelised orange segments

Fresh garden salad
Using the freshest produce from the market

Green leaf salad
A bowl of seasonal green leaves and herbs with a ginger lime vinaigrette

Chicken cobb salad
Lettuce, oven-dried tomato, bacon, blue cheese, boiled egg and grilled chicken breast served with either cocktail sauce
or balsamic vinaigrette

Tamarind fish
An original house speciality. An Indian Ocean version of “Bouillabaisse” served with croutons and rouille

Cream of tomato
Made with fresh tomatoes, vegetable stock, herbs and fresh Jersey cream

Mushroom and asparagus
Light and creamy with fresh thyme and basil oil

A Selection of Fish
Fillet of Fish
Indian Ocean : Red snapper, rock cod or sea bream
Freshwater : Kenya tilapia
Imported : Norwegian salmon
Have them cooked in your favourite way, which could be:
grilled, meunière, masala, piri piri, chilli, swahili

Red snapper and prawns harissa
An exotic Moroccan speciality combining spices, salsa and a brandy green pepper corn cream

Fish fillet with mushrooms
Topped with mirin-flamed mushrooms and served with fried rice and creamy champagne sauce

Blackened salmon
Marinated in Cajun spices and herbs, lightly baked and served with a cauliflower basil purée and
fried new potatoes

Baked salmon in champagne sauce
Set on a bed of spinach and lightly covered with a champagne sauce, served with parsley potatoes and asparagus tips

Bombay fish and prawns
Crispy fried fish and prawns, set on a bed of fried rice and served with an explosive red chilli sauce

Seared sesame crusted tuna
Lightly pan-seared pink tuna, served with a smoked wasabi mash, pak choy greens and accompanied with a paprika
and cashewnut butter sauce


Mixed seafood platter (usually for two or more ....... price per person)
A spectacular assortment of all the seafood we have available today, some hot and some cold. The platter is served with
a variety of dips and sauces. Perfect for those who want to try it all

Seafood risotto
Prawn, lobster, crab, octopus, fish and mushrooms in a moist saffron risotto

Zanzibari seafood casserole
All our fresh seafood lightly cooked in a Swahili coconut and tomato sauce, infused with saffron, garlic, tamarind
and a hint of chilli

Lobster   Per 100 grams
Tropical lobsters are correctly known as
‘langouste’ or ‘spiny rock lobsters’
We recommend a minimum of 500 gms while 1kg is ideal for the healthy appetite

Grilled lobster
Charcoal grilled spiny rock lobster, flambéed with brandy and served with lemon butter sauce

Lobster Swahili
The meat is taken out of the shell, sautéed in garlic, turmeric, saffron, tomatoes and coconut cream. It’s then returned to
the shell and served with coconut rice

Lobster thermidore
The ever popular lobster medallions, sautéed in onions, mushrooms, garlic and mustard, flambéed with cognac and white wine,
simmered in double cream and gratinated with cheese

The Kenyan species of crabs are one of the best eating in the world. They are best served as they are, but if you would like us to
take the shell off, please let us know when we take your order. We will supply all the implements needed: cracker, bib, lobster
pick and a large finger bowl. Fingers are a must!

Whole or dressed steamed crab
Served hot with butter sauce or cold with mayonnaise

Chilli crab
Not as hot as the name implies! A spicy and slightly sweet Indonesian dish that is truly sensational!

Crab in ginger
A bowl of cracked crab cooked in soy, chicken stock, garlic and fresh ginger

Tandoori crab
A combination of chilli and tandoori spices marinated in yoghurt, grilled over charcoal, served with a spicy sauce
and garnished with dhania.

All our prawns come from the Indian Ocean off the East African coast. If you insist on having the
shells removed, please ask, but we think they are best left in the shell to retain their succulence.

Prawns piri piri
One of our most famous dishes simply grilled with garlic butter, chilli paprika, lime juice, and coriander

Garlic prawns
Simple but excellent, sautéed with their shells in butter, garlic and lime juice

Mama Regina’s prawns masala
Classic prawn masala, served with chapati, rice and condiments

Grills and Entrées

Highland prime beef fillet
Grilled plain or rubbed with coarsely ground pepper or sautéed and served with a creamy Madagascar green pepper sauce
‘T’ bone steak

Chargrilled to your taste, served with béarnaise

Roast loin of lamb
Boneless succulent loin of Molo lamb roasted with lavender butter, and served with smoked mash potato and a
minted lamb jus

Basil chicken breast
Grilled breast of chicken, saffron risotto, grilled capsicum and a warm basil and cider oil

Farm reared succulent Kenyan quails
Grilled to perfection or sautéed Mt. Kenya style in whisky, cream, garlic, honey and lime

Grilled spring chicken ndogo ndogo
A whole spring chicken grilled with ginger, soy sauce, garlic and lime juice

Tamarind dessert sampler
Journey through our irresistible menu by sampling five mini portions of the very best desserts

Chocolate explosion
Warm soft-centred baked fudge, enriched with white chocolate and ground almonds, served with vanilla ice cream

Trio of crème brûlée
Amarula, espresso and vanilla – perfectly cooked and beautifully presented

Tamarind date and brandy pudding
A warm and moist pudding with cashew nuts soaked in brandy syrup, topped with vanilla ice cream and served flaming

Layers of espresso and rum laced sponge with Italian mascarpone cheese

Crêpes Mt. Kenya
Wafer thin pancakes cooked in butter, lime and orange juice, flambéed with cognac and Kenya Gold coffee liqueur.
A dollop of ice cream complements this dish

Beetroot brownie
Classic chocolate brownie, a hint of fresh beetroot, served with hibiscus ice cream

Assorted homemade ice creams
Vanilla, coconut or chocolate served with a hot chocolate sauce

Key lime pie
Baked pie with dates, orange mascarpone fritters and citrus sorbet

Fresh fruit sorbets
Homemade lime, passion, mango, strawberry, tree tomato and banana. Try a combination of three flavours

Deluxe fruit salad
Chunks of the various fruits and berries in season, served with ice cream or fresh cream or honey yoghurt

Boozy Coffees
All made with a double tot and topped with fresh Jersey cream

Gaelic coffee
With Scotch whisky

Parisienne coffee
With brandy

Irish coffee
With Irish whiskey

Mt. Kenya coffee
With Kenya Gold coffee liqueur

Don Pedro
Vanilla ice cream blended with whisky or Kenya Gold liqueur

Fresh Kenya coffee
Renowned to be the best in the world

Part coffee, part steamed milk, part creamy froth

Single is half a cup, double a full cup

Fresh Kenya highland tea
A pot of brewed top quality leaf

Herb teas
A wide variety available

Fresh Kenya iced tea
Light and refreshing

Moroccan mint tea
Black tea, mint and lime