Kenya’s finest oysters    ½ platter/full platter                                 
Mambrui – gratinated with coconut, soy sauce, lime, ginger and breadcrumbs   
You can of course order your oyster’s plain on ice. 

Crispy fried prawns                                       
Queen prawns in tempura batter and served with sweet chilli and tartare sauces

Smoked salmon                                       
Served with a horseradish dill sauce

Crispy fried rings of tender calamari Frito served with tartare sauce

Whistling chicken wings or pork ribs
Spicy chicken wings or pork ribs, with a subtle touch of garlic, ginger chili and Tikka masala sauce

Fresh farm house Chicken liver pate
A delicious creamy chicken liver pate served with Cumberland sauce

Kachos - Kenya’s own version of nachos
Fried, arrowroot and potato crisps with melted cheese, guacamole, tomato salsa, chillies, sour cream and coriander

Tomato and basil bruschetta                 Vegetarian/ With Prawns
Prawn, tomato, garlic and fresh basil dressed with olive oil and served on toasted baguette

Fresh garden salad
Using the freshest produce from the market

Caesar salad
Fresh, lettuce parmesan cheese and croutons in Caesar dressing              
•    Plain
•    With chicken
•    With prawns
•    With salmon

Chicken Cobb salad
Lettuce, boiled egg, crispy bacon, chicken flakes, avocado,  
tomato wedges and blue cheese, served with a choice of balsamic, Thousand Island or honey and mustard dressing.

Salad Niçoise
A healthy classic consisting of salad leaves, marinated tuna, olives, potato, tomato,green beans, boiled egg, olive oil, lime and fresh herbs


Tamarind fish soup
House specialty. An Indian Ocean version of “Bouillabaisse” served with croutons and rouille

Butternut pumpkin and coconut soup                
Delightful homemade soup with a hint of tamarind juice, ginger and fresh coriander 

French onion soup                                          
The classic soup served with a large cheese crouton

Fresh cream of tomato soup                           
Freshly made from plum red tomatoes and served with croutons and Jersey cream


Tamambo burger (250 gms) – Plain on a bun
Cheezy dribbler – Topped with melted cheese

O.B.C dribbler – Topped with onions, bacon and cheese

Fully Loaded – Topped with onions, bacon, cheese, peppers and mushrooms.

Grilled lemon chicken                                   
Succulently grilled breast set on sautéed spinach and served with lemon and chive sauce. 
Kikapu Kuku
Deep fried and served chips, sauce tartare and lime wedges

Norwegian fresh salmon                                   
pan-fried, grilled or poached served with lemon butter sauce

Fillet of tilapia or sea fish                                   
Either pan fried, grilled or poached with lemon butter sauce

Chapa kazi choma sampler                                   
Chicken, tender beef, whistling wing, pork ribs and lamb chops with kachumbari and gravy.
Tamambo Tiwi Prawns:                               
Garlic beach: in butter with garlic and lime juice
Piri-piri: grilled with garlic butter, chili, paprika, lime and coriander 

Thai seafood bouillabaisse
Lobster, prawns, fish, octopus and calamari in spicy Thai coconut broth    
Fajitas: chicken, beef, vegetarian                               
Served sizzling with sautéed sweet pepper and onions, flour tortillas and condiments


A selection of the best beef available in Kenya, char-grilled to perfection and served with a selection of outstanding sauces. Please ask your waiter for the day’s special
Steak sizes   200g/300g

Sirloin steak                                                                                  
Otherwise known as entrecote, is from the middle
of the loin and is very tasty and juicy

Fillet steak
Most tender of all the steaks

Rib-eye steak
Known as the prime rib. It is carved from the rib and hence the name “Rib Eye”

Choice of steak sauces: Pepper sauce/Béarnaise/Tikka masala/Mushroom sauce


Zanzibari samaki wa nazi                                      
Explosion of coastal flavours; coconut cream, ukwaju (tamarind), dhania (coriander), garlic, ginger, tomato and a touch of chilli tops out the fresh fillet of sea fish

Molo lamb chops                                   
Grilled and served with tomato kachumbari and mint gravy

Moroccan lamb tajine                                   
Chunks of boneless lamb gently simmered in a casserole pot with a honey and spice flavoured broth until very tender 

Madagascar green peppercorn duckling                           
Pan-seared breast, flambéed with brandy in a creamy green pepper corn sauce

-    Steamed rice
-    Chips
-    Couscous
-    Mash potatoes
-    Baked potatoes
-    Boiled potatoes
-    Ugali (Allow 15min)

Tasty Extras:
-    Mixed seasonal vegetables
-    Sautéed creamy spinach


Pwani vegetable Swahili
Fresh vegetables in season, gently sautéed in a coastal sauce: tomato, garlic, ginger, tamarind  dania, coconut cream and a hint of sweet chili

Sweet chili paneer
Paneer cheese sautéed with bell peppers and sweet chili sauce served with rice                   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Vegetable curry
Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked with Indian spices and fresh methi, served with rice



Tamambo sampler                                       
A taste of five of the very best and all time Tamambo favourites 
Tamambo brownie                                       
Chewy chocolate brownie (a chocolate cookie) with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce 

Homemade Ice Creams (Any of these flavours or a mix of three)
Vanilla, chocolate, coconut, rum n` raisin, honey and cinnamon

Tropical fresh fruit sorbets (Ask your waiter for any 3 available flavours)
Passion, mango, lime, strawberry, tree tomato, citrus, banana, wild berry

Lemon cheese cake
A luscious creamy cheese cake served with a medley of fruit coulis

Bread and butter pudding
Ever fashionable classic pudding, served with crème anglaise and caramel sauce   

Fruits in season
Tropical fruit salad consisting of the choicest of fruits served with ice cream or Jersey cream
Chocolate Concorde
Dark chocolate mousse, spiked with chocolate meringue and served with vanilla ice-cream

Vanilla chocolate fudge
Scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream layered with chocolate sauce, brownie and Jersey cream

Coffees and After-Dinner Drinks

Dormans finest coffee or Kenya highland tea or herbal tea

Espresso or macchiato


Mochacino or caramelcino
with chocolate (or caramel) steamed milk

In the clouds – coffee, Amarula, whipped cream

Kahawa sawa – coffee, Kenya Gold, whipped cream

Irish coffee – coffee, whiskey, whipped cream

Mudslide – Amarula, vodka and Kenya Gold blended vanilla ice cream...yum!
All prices are inclusive of 16% vat, 2% training levy and 10% service charge





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