The Menu

Mangrove oysters
Fresh on ice /salt with various accompaniments        
Mambrui - gratinated with garlic butter, and coconut
the traditional style , with chunky sea fish pieces , lime , tomatoes,
onions, chilli, salt and coriander, served with brown rolls
Sashimi -  served with soy sauce and wasabi

  • Yellow fin tuna (3pcs)
  • Salmon (3pcs)
  • Mixed with salmon, tuna, octopus & squid (8pcs)

Sushi served with soy sauce and wasabi
Maki - rice filled, wrapped in seaweed

  • Avocado and mayo (2pcs)
  • Salmon (2pcs)
  • Tuna (2pcs)

Iso - inside out roll

  • California roll – crab, avocado, mayo and sesame seeds (8pcs)
  • Dragon roll – crab, avocado, mayo, sesame and chilli (8pcs)

topped with salmon, tuna and sea fish

  • Crazy tobiko – crab, avocado, fish eggs topped with crazy topping (8pcs)
  • Volcano- spicy eggplant, cucumber, avocado topped with teriyaki (8pcs)

and mayo
Ngiri - rice topped with fish

  • Tuna (2pcs)
  • Salmon(2pcs)
  • Unagi (eel) (2pcs)


  • Seafood salad with a mango and basil dressing
  • Warm octopus salad
  • Thai beef salad


  • Sea fish, prawn or  calamari marinated and lightly grilled, served with fresh lime
  • Chicken breast or fillet of  beef, marinated and grilled
  • Vegetarian mix of onion, tomato, green pepper and zucchini, marinated and lightly grilled

Sake       250ml                                                                                                                                    
Green tea pot

Prices inclusive of all taxes and service charge



The special for this week are:

Philadelphia Roll: Philadelphia cream cheese, salmon, avocado, seaweed
Samurai Roll: eel, salmon, cream cheese, seaweed (deep fried)
Salmon Salad
Sushi sandwich: deep fried salmon skin mixed with green chilies, avocado, seaweed
and tempura flakes on the outside