The Clifftop Terrace

The Clifftop Terrace lies adjacent to The Mombasa Tamarind   and enjoys the same stunning view of the Old Harbour of Mombasa. With its Moorish décor it blends in with the   style of architecture unique to Tamarind and creates a  relaxed exotic ambiance.

Fitted with a stylish sushi and cocktail bar, guests can partake in a pre Tamarind dinner drink or remain for a casual evening of dining on delicious sushi, ceviche and cocktails.

Look out for our weekly special cocktails and sushi specials created by our sushi chef. Sochu cocktails being the favourite of the moment.

Open throughout the day and evening until late.
Tel: 254 41 4474600/1/2  Mobile: 0722 205160, 0733 565711,
Wireless: 020 2435446/7/9